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~nothing more to do~

gundam wing
A ver si uso LJ más seguido...
Además ya paso más de un año del final de la S2 de Gundam IBO, y no hace mucho que terminaron de transmitirlo en inglés en Toonami, ah~ la dulce sal muajajajaja
Julieta is best girl ;)
Aún tengo mucho HC pero aún no me he puesto a escribir ni dibujar.
Por cierto, la serialization del manga aún está en progreso y aún va en la batalla de Julie vs Mikazuki en el espacio donde Shino muere (rip you amazing guy) y Julieta casi muere y definitivamente madura y decide no volverse Ein 2.0 (además low-key Vidar xJulieta)
Sigue habiendo nuevo material: ilustraciones, orphanchu, DC drama, ilustraciones "no oficiales" de Almiria/Montag y Akatsuki mayores...

1st post of 2018
gundam wing

Happy belated new year!

I wanted to post something before January ends.

I really don't know what to write right now.

See you later! A plus tard! Ciao!

GaeJuli fic translated by google Pt2
gundam wing
The pain increases.
The bouncing body is suppressed, I can not miss the pleasant skill.
The place opened to him earlier is opening and closing something with Pakpak.
Extended hair sticks to my skin and it is annoying ... tears continue to overflow, but this is a different tear from what I had overflowed.
"Oh no ... ...!"
The ceiling lights are hateful.
Even though I exposed everything to him, yet I could not touch him yet.
Were you touching him, licking the pubs, and exposing to the extent of shame, he will not reveal everything.
The field of vision blurs too much pleasure.
I want to drown him more.
While feeling strongly his caress and pleasure in the shabby area, it seems to be terribly miserable at the same time.
... Is it powerless in front of him?
He caught my face while wiping his mouth whether the caressing is over.
It is no longer breathing here, just breaking my chest hard.
Something was plugged into the wet pubes ... the body trembled.
"Ah, ha ha ... !!"
"I feel too much"
"Kann ...."
"All of you want me."
Fingers move up and down in the body.
"Huh, there! Ah, ha ha, Oh !!"
"Awesome ... is this so good?"
"Stop it, stop hiding, do not ask me ... __ !!"
"I want to hear more"
"Oh no !!"
Folded thick fingers open up my unknown.
I learned only things to fight, my body is being destroyed.
Rubbing against your head rubbing your arm against the sheet while rubbing your head.
"Yeah, good night! Stop it ... Ah, no !!"
"Cute, really amazing"
"No, I ... mind !! Haa !, me, this, this is what I am!"
"What's different?"
"Wow, I do not mind ... just to you ... Hmm!"
"I hope to get you."
I twisted the tip of the chest gently and the other sweetly sucked.
Bikuntsu! …When.
The entire body trembled from the back ... I felt the body melted for a moment.
... It feels good ...
The inside of the womb still trembles with bicubic ... But it is not enough for the sweet pleasure as before.
I miss you so much ... I want more.
I want him to melt more.
"Ah ... ha ha ..."
"... ... Did you fly? Now"
"Wha ..."
"... .... Oh, after all"
He pulled his finger and the womb trembled in the gap.
"Huh ... ...!"
"I will continue"
Bed with feet at feet.
Because I melted with pleasure once, my eyes are somewhat clear.
... Is this really a color piece?
Handing out the body to him, what will you hold back with it?
"Inside, will be inserted"
"... ...?"
Interrupted between the feet, he is bending the body.
"Well ... ... Ah !?"
"I'll open it"
A thick foreign body comes in inside the womb ...
"That's ...!"
"Keep it, it's just a different order and way"
"Hmm ... ...!"
I rubbed my head over the bed.
When it is slimy, something gradually gets stuck ... spreading the body from the back.
Both feet are opened to him.
A thick pile entering the womb.
"Oh no ... !!"
"Does it hurt?"
"Wow, well ... it hurts ...!"
"It is painful only at the beginning ... probably"
The fat existence enters deep into the body.
Kurozu, getting embarrassed with slurping.
"Oh, uu !!"
"Wow ... shouting, it's painful, extra"
"Wow, ...., ... ..."
"Getting used to it"
"... ... ..."
Gusutobutoputo, the mass of meat will be embedded in this body ...
... This is what I tried.
A folly that I was about to do in order to get his heart.
Being dirty, the lowest in the crowd ... that I tried on him.
... I dedicate my uterus to him.
"Ah ... ugh !!"
"This is ... In the back, did it arrive?"
"I do understand, Sent! ... Uh!"
He is covered.
Touching on the cheeks, wiping away tears, kissed softly at the eyes.
And the sense of oppression in the womb, something pain.
It is painful.
"... you're crying too cute."
Voice is ruthlessly gentle.
The face is expressionless.
His flesh puls and is eating my womb.
Shameful in distorted form, it becomes uneasy whether this is sexual intercourse.
... He is eroding me.
"I want to make you cry more"
"Wow ..."
"Are you disillusioned?"
"Such a thing, thing ..."
"Then ... I can make you cry more"
I was hugged.
Every shoulder is embraced strongly, and his face is in his ear.
His breath vigorously reaches the ear, the neck, the shoulder.
His cock strikes a pulse.
The tip of the pile gouges me.
The hair rubs.
Skin comes in contact.
Mucosa of the genital area sucks.
A scar on his cheek is rubbed on my cheek.
... The lower body is connected.
The feet and the hips touch each other.
Praha meat and mucous membrane are intertwined.
The inside of the womb that has not even been seen has been committed by his cock.
I feel his pulse, his shape.
Distorted ceremony of men and women.
His chest pressed ... It is completely different from my chest.
Beat and breathing, body temperature blends with the pulse in the womb.
It hurts.
It hurts.
Damp skin combines and high body temperature penetrates.
It is painful.
It is hot.
I am terribly scared.
He will be destroyed.
"... ... comfortable"
He is shaken by his sweet voice.
"Amazing colleague ... getting involved ..."
"Hmm, please, please ..."
"Is it embarrassing ...?"
"Ah ... different, different, stop doing!"
"I never saw a woman ... to embrace you"
Stroked, hugged.
"Mmm ...!"
"Even so ... it's ... my legs are over, my body moves to a certain extent, but my relationship with my legs in my life ... I can do it in my mouth, something like that"
My voice is trembling.
... he is trembling in his womb.
He is pulsing.
With Dokdok.
"Well ... ...!"
"I thought that I hate it when I was not you ... There is no talk of matching, but I wanted you to know more than a woman I do not know."
"What ... ... ...?"
Puffed inside the womb and the womb, her eyes are unintentionally closed with pain.
"That's ...!"
"Open your eyes."
His voice falls from above.
His face in backlight when I opened my eyes somehow.
His hair swaying heavily is attached to the cheek somewhat.
"Look at me, Julietta"
Touch the cheeks and comb your hair.
... his feet getting a little cold.
He holds his waist with one hand and his hands also turn to my shoulders.
He is tangled with the whole body.
Shoulder, waist, undergrowth and legs ...
While fearing the distorted shape of pulsating his meat pile.
"Keep watching forever, It's the face of a man committing you"
"Oh ... oh, huh?"
Forced through the womb.
"Yeah, I guess!"
"Open your eyes"
"Huh, oh, there, stop it ... Oh!"
"Keep looking, do not deflect"
"It hurts! It hurts! That's ... Ah!"
"Look at me"
"Ha ha, see, ... ... it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!"
"Look at me!"
"Stop it, stop it, hurt, kill, please ... ..., huh ... huh!"
"I'm telling you to look!"
It hurts.
scary scary.
His face is anger but lamentation.
I pierced my organs many times.
A thick meat pile breaks me.
Stop it, help me.
scary scary.
Guts, with guts.
It is like being hit by the hammer many times in the womb.
Zakuri, with Zakuri.
It seems to scratch the organs with needles many times.
Pain and shock.
Pain and torture.
Do not miss it, can not escape.
Help me, help me.
Someone helping me and him.
"Cut ... ..."
The womb is released suddenly.
Something empty sadness ... the body was shaking violently.
Suddenly he got himself entrusted to me.
... Oh, this is ...
He was defiled, I am.
It was delicious in the uterus.
I may occupy his child.
Then what happens, is this body?
Is there life in this stomach?
His child is in me?
My stomach swollen, it got bigger ... ...
I hoped, he responded.
I offered to him to strip off his mask.
Woman, body, my womb.
In the case of
... It is the lowest act as a warrior.
"Well ... ... Julietta ...!"
Whisper with the voice he hid.
While holding in my ear a hot sigh.
"I still hold it, I will not let you go to bed tonight ... I will not escape."
My body is agitated by sucking my shoulder.
Hot body responds to him.
Even though pain still remains, it is hot now.
... a feeling of spirit past the mind.
"Well, wait! Please wait!"
"Well, body ... still, ah, inside, it hurts!"
"Getting used to it"
"... Oh, bad ... I've recovered first."
"Hey, hey ... this is scary, right ..."
"Here, look at me"
"... What's going on?"
"Huh ... ... it hurts ..."
"Well then, I do not understand"
"... っ! ___ ___ 0
"Please answer properly"
"Huh, uh ... Henry, Oh, yours, Huh ..."
"... ... is it for me?"
"... hot ... it hurts ... hurts !,,, Oh, you seem to be broken!"
"The back is scooped ... Ah, the back is painful ...! ... ... ugh, painful, stiff, ... suffering ... Ha ha ... your face is ... ... Ah ... scary!"
"Are you scared?"
"Well, even ... oh ... no, it's different! You are ... your voice,!
"What are you desperately doing?"
"Stop it! Stop it! Still not moving! A, different, different, is not it! I, ha ha !?"
"... Oh. Did you get used to it yet?"
"Well, huh !! Wait! Wait, wait !! Back, ah, back, stop !! Inside, do not push! Do not be strange, I will not !!
"Do you feel it?"
"Stop it, stop it, please ... please, physical, strange, hot, that one, oh no Aaa!"
"Look properly ... I am"
"Ha ha, ah, huh ...!"
"Yes, look carefully"
"Hey!! ..., Huh !! Or, Yaaaa !!"
"... It's a good reaction"
I am sorry.
I am hungry.
... I have never seen his face.
"Kun, ... ... huh ...!"
"Do you like me?"
"... and suddenly, what's up ..."
"... At times like this, say I like lying."
"Well ... ... ... ... I am ... I am doing ..."
"... Well good"
"Gaelio, like ..."
"What are you suffering ...?"
His expression is cloudy.
I reach for both of his cheeks.
to kiss.
... In his womb he is pulsing and pushes this body up.
"... .... I am a dwarf guy."
"..., um ...?"
"I do not have anything, it's just a heavy burden, and I will be next to you ..."
"... ..., that ..."
"A little while ago, I heard you ... ... real happiness and the happiness of imitation"
"... Yes, ... yes ..."
"... ... Happily, there are genuine and fakes"
He was arrested and embraced this body.
"It's me ... McGillis ... the words I said at the end"
His voice shoulder.
"I think happiness is a lie and truth ... People honor my glory, I see the majesty of Boardwin, but no one sees" me "... you are the only one who does not see" me "
Strongly and strongly hugged.
"And see my feet ... I see the shadow of McGillis on that leg ... The suffering of McGillis, the fact that he was a guy, and that the fact that Mr. and Mitsuzu was communicating somewhere ... Everyone knows I will not try to see it No one really watches "me" seriously "
His voice is trembling.
"People sympathize with my feet, people see" myself "There, I am relieved to my feet, with compassion on my misfortunes ... I'm used to it, I thought I'm used to it, but I still do not lose it yet"
Love got warmed by his warmth.
"Only you are my" genuine "... I can recognize that I am surely" living "and" I am ... "... I wanted you to be laughing because I wanted you to be happy I wanted you to be ... "
The trembling voice mixes with the throat.
And I looked at his face.
"... I like you, Julietta"
I finally saw his tears.
"I want you I do not match your happiness with your own greedy I really want you, I want you to see me only"
I finally touched his heart.
"Tell me, Jirietta ... where are your happiness?"
Why do not you notice?
"I want to give you something that can satisfy you, not honor or money, I want the place where you can be in the range that I can, I will be where you can be ... What can I do for you?"
"... Please divide your pain ... ..."
I managed to touch his tears.
"I will not tell you to carry everything ... but please, please divide ... I do not want you to be one ..."
"To be next to you ... why is it necessary ...?"
I was deflected.
"I have been saved by you ... Even life, heart, and relaxation, even arrogance ... Even if it is not enough reason, why do you return your grace supported by you, Is not it? "
"Can you enter a dead McGillis ... next to you?"
He cried tears again.
"Different ... different ... McGillis is unrelated ... I am talking about you now!"
"Please see me if it is you!"
"I will always be watching you!"
"Habit of not knowing my feelings!"
"So I am listening to it now!"
"Always smile and laugh ... can it be said that it is real!"
"I have never asked you for a false smile, have you!?"
"Your smile is deceitful!"
"What ?!"
I saw a blue eyed facade.
"Do you say" miserable happiness "that you play ... miss me!
"...... っ"
"Please do not laugh, forcibly ..."
"…You are…"
"Are you happy now?"
"... ... Your true happiness is ... I am in hope now."
"... well, I do not understand"
"... ... It is dull, is not it?"
"I never thought ... the way was always decided."
I can hug my body strongly.
"In the future ... marriage ... everything is just about being decided ... whether to run away or not, I could do just that ..."
"... ... There was no freedom?"
"Oh, yes ... just being stopped around, both McGillis ... ... no, sorry ..."
"Please let me hear your past"
"... ... even playing with McGillis was stopped around."
Body and body are strongly held.
I occasionally embraced his head.
"It seems even a marriage partner ... In order to maintain tradition and status, the surroundings make me commensurate with myself, even entering GH was determined from the time I was born."
Is he still in the cage even now and again.
"That's what it is now ... There is nothing ... There is no intention of my house even though I have left home ... But I do not understand well ... There are no places of life for life to live.Nothing can be done. There is not "
"... If ... if you want me to be in your place"
His head also moves.
"What do you mean?"
"... I want to stay by your side"
"... ... well, I do not understand"
"Please become my strength"
"... For example, what kind?"
"... ... until now, on the street"
"Please make meals and travel with me"
"But please ... please do not laugh at me."
"Please tell me when it's hard."
I'm sure I'm crying.
Trembling His head and back are irregularly moving up and down.
Finally I feel like I was touched by Honnou.
"You are clumsy ... you are ..."
"…Might be so"
"That's right"
"... Hey, GiRietta"
"... Will you go out with me?"
"... ... are you asking me?"
"That's what I said"
"Take a hard time"
"I understand ... but I want to stay with you as much as possible"
"... I love children"
"It is often said"
"... Do not cry if another man knows"
"...... There is only you about me who will serve as my opponent."
I will be hugged.
"That is ... ..., I'm honored ..."
"... ... Nobody is watching me."
"... Because no one will admit that I am a weak person"
"... Because you do not want to show a gap"
I am a little happy.
I was kissed.
... a little ashamed.
"Do you have a time to cry?"
"... Do not know without saying?"
"No, good, do not have to say it"
I was clenched.
And it was kissed.
Actually ... I may have wanted to cry, forever.
In his arms, his.
"It is good to cry"
Tears overflow.
It is a lie, it was not supposed to be such a thing.
"You ... you stopped crying, I am"
I hugged.
I was clinging.
I wanted to depend on his kindness.
With the back of the body connected, weep, caressed, stroked.
I wanted to give him a long time.
I wanted you to make me assume.
"You're crying, are you pretty"
Such a lie, I think so.
I can not forget the sweet feeling when I was hugged.
I want to be broken.
I want to give it a little more.
I want to be hugged by him and melted.
I want to be engrossed by him as much as I can forget everything.
"More ... please embrace more ..."
"... You do not feel like getting going?"
"I do not care ... everything, to be unthinkable ... soiling me, weakening ... please take everything seriously!"
"... to make you cry?"
"Everything is fine, please give me ..."
"... quite, there is consciousness to make it violent"
"Please do not be friendly to the hed ... ..."
"... ... I understood it."
"Engrave this, please ... let me live, without distracting your eyes ... with your power, please take me!"
"... It hurts, probably"
"I understand ..."
"Do you want to go crazy?"
"I am crazy ...!"
"... If it's nothing to do with it,"
I was kissed with my hair combed.
The tears are wiped and the beds gather.
He was holding a waist again.
"Do you feel it already?"
"Oh, back to ... it's strong!"
"... reaction will be too good"
"Because, ah ... such a thing for the first time ...!"
"In the first case, it sounds bad, but ..."
"Huh !!, oh !?"
"... Is it good here?"
"Well, I do not understand ...!"
"What kind of feeling is it now in you?"
"Wow ... inside, really, it's hard! ..."
"I feel your shape, um ...!"
"Back, Kit ... Oh ... body, change ... it's weird! Ay! Ya! Ya no!"
"Cute, Julietta"
He is excavated by the back.
Supri, sprinkled and spread out.
I rub over the back again and again.
Sweet, painful, numb.
It is broken by his meat pile.
"Oh, oh, ohhhhhh !?"
"... Are you feeling so good?"
"Ah, oh ... good, that's it !, damn, ah, deep inside hurt! ... strong, strong ... um ... ah ah!"
"I want to go crazy, right?"
"What do you dislike?"
"Well, ah ... scary ... scary! Scary !!"
"Are you scared? Are you scared and pleasant?"
"Wow, Wakanari ... Ah, huh, huh !!"
"... Well then, is this?"
"Oh, no ..."
"... Can we move?"
Gishi, the bed gets numb.
I sewed him with both arms.
Sense of wrist, restrained.
It is grabbed tightly and can not unwind.
... He is deprived of his freedom.
His face looking down.
"Well, I'm scared, oh, oh, huh!"
"Huh? You are waving yourself... I suppose I was getting used to Oita pretty much?"
"No, it is wrong! A body, selfishly ... ah!" HI AA ... !! "
"There seems to be quite a few things"
"Stop it, no, it's different, different, different ...!"
"You are so irritated you are disoriented ... I can not show them to others"
"Oh no! You are you only ...! If you are not you, I do not want it!"
"so much?"
"I do not want other men! I hate it when you are not you !! Even if you hold me ... You are the only one that can get dirty, you are the only one, so ...!"
"... When Rastal asked, I got angry"
"Do it, stop it!"
"You're too disgusting, are you cute"
"Ah ... aaaaaa !!"
"Hey, you feel too much ..."
"Ha ha, Oh!"
He is chested.
I chewed the tip again, sucked ... I was licked strongly with my tongue.
He is ruled by ... he is offering him everything ...
The uterus, chest, body and mind.
"Ha ha! ... Ah!"
"... It's a bit dangerous"
"Wow ... ... Oh ...!"
"... Oh yeah, I was there."
"Wha ..., huh?"
He took out of the bedside ... a thing like a black belt.
"I got it with wheelchair assistance, but I have no use"
"Do you want to hear it?"
He is caught.
It is punched strongly and deeply, and the body bounces off against you.
I was locked in my arms.
It is bent to a force force and it hurts a little, so it resists.
"Bite your neck if you resist"
I do not want to.
... I will do what he wants.
A belt entangled with both arms behind.
Gently wrap around the wrist.
I hear the sound of the click and clasp.
... It is tied to him.
"Oh ... the tightening has also become stronger"
He is being arrested with his arms ... exposing his chest to unprotected.
Even his belly, his breast, even his genitalia, he likes it.
I feel something on the belt that bites sweetly into both arms ...
"I can not use my feet and you can not use my arms ... It's just fine as a handicap, is not it?"
I do not want to.
I do not want to.
"I feel terrible after being tied up ... Are you so glad about that?"
"Huh, ... Well, ah ah ah ah ah ah!"
I can not move, I can not move!
Help me, help me!
The back is hard, sweet and tight!
"Well, stop doing it! Stop it! Different, I, I do not want to go!"
"I feel it better than before ... amazing college"
"Oh, Gaelio-sama, Gaelio-sama! Inside, backwards stopped! It will be broken! It will be strange!"
"Do you want to go crazy?"
"You are doing it, already, it is already funny! It gets crazy! It's crazy!"
"You may be more pampered."
I was grabbed by the waist and repeated many times over and gently and violently in the back.
Spupes puff and the womb inside, the uterus wanted him.
I feel the sweetness strongly on the protruding part of the meat pile.
If I want you to pollute the dirty me, my uterus will fierce.
"Do not do! Do not be bad !! Deep! っ! 奥 に っ っ っ! い い ぁ あ あ あ あ あ あ ぁ っ!
"... It's a nice view"
He who grasps his waist makes me stand up with knees.
Warping body.
Exposed pubic area.
In and out piles.
Joining section.
He opened my legs and grasped his hips more strongly.
A foot hindered by his arms.
Arms around the knees push open my legs.
Both legs, the joint part is firmly spreading ... ...!
"Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Gaerio-sama! Gaerio-sama! Oh, how are you !?"
"This is amazing ... it sounds like a pair of butterflies.
"Well not! Do not look! Do not look! Do not move! Do not move !!"
A meat stick to be withdrawn from a lukewarm.
It is reddish black, ugly, pulsing, thick, and there are some wrinkles ...
It is growing out of his body.
While looking down at me with a smile ...
"Hit it, Julietta ... is it that you came to embrace?"
"Oh, yeah ..."
His thick flesh nuimaru is getting in my body ...
A meat pile to be put in and out with a chupu chup.
My body is trembling with joy.
With his legs pushed open, his flesh stick is inserted.
It can not even resist.
Tied arm, open leg.
Gently and gently enter and leave.
When pierced through a meat pile, feet, body, waist, uterus ... sweet pink and trembling ...!
"Yeah yeah yeah yeah!"
Sweet pleasure runs through.
His odor of reluctantly.
Breast seen.
Open pubes.
The uterus which is playful to him.
The meat pile moves many times over and over.
While the connection part is being exposed.
He is caught.
He is committing.
His meat pile that defiles the uterus.
It is scooped strongly with spupes, and it is maddened with cucumber and tears.
Nevertheless I can not resist.
"Ah ... ah ah!"
He's in the depths of the body ...!
It seems that my legs are involved and it gets numb.
When the waist bounces, it rubs.
His flesh pile, arm, skin.
In addition he strikes a meat pile.
Hit a meat pile to the uterus.
Beat the ugly greedy meat pile.
I came to contaminate my uterus ...
"Oh! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
Grasshopper, crispy, and roaring.
The uterus restrains on his meat pile.
It feels good.
It feels good.
It feels good to be hit by him.
I can not move my arm tied.
It is dominated.
I can not get away from his arms.
I am scared of pleasure.
It is melted even now.
I am destroyed by that red-black thick cock.
"Yeah, there, Gaerio-sama, there is, no, no! No! No, it's okay !!" Yeah ee yeah yeah !! "
Dizziness and pleasure, distorted visibility.
It is broken from the back of the body.
His flesh pierces the uterus.
Also scrape hard in the back.
Ugly meat stuffed into it.
He gets into the uterus ...
"Oh, ah, oh, ah ah ah ah ah!"
Bikuntsu! , Bikun! ,When.
It seems that your body will melt.
A distant voice of his voice.
"This is a superb material"
I have been praised.
It is being sought.
I'm targeted for "women".
Thanks to him who released me, the whole body sinks in my bed.
My arm hurts and it hurts a bit.
But it is painful and pleasant.
... It is pleasant that the piles are connected.
"I will not let you go down, it is because you are the one who said that there was no handling"
"What? ... ... is ..."
"You are cute as expected"
"Huh ... っ!"
"I feel it again"
"Well, but ..."
"... It was worth waiting for you"
"Wait ... are you waiting?"
"The meat is made to sleep and it gets delicious."
I can smoke my chest.
To be pinched.
Pleasure runs, the body trembles.
The back of the body is crowed.
The uterus restrains on that meat pile.
"Wow, oh ... !!"
"You are a cute girl"
"Stop it, ah ... I already have a child ... Ah!"
"I understand"
"Huh, there, ah, Oh!"
"The face crying is also glossy and good"
"Oh no! Wow !!"
'You are so cute'
Even though I am not stuck in the back.
Chest, words are sweet and painful.
It seems to be too sweet to break and to die.
I want to drown more.
"Besides me, you can not show that crying face"
It is hollowed out.
"Aaaaaaaaa !!"
"Yes, say it ...!"
"... Do you know what is the promise?"
"Huh ... Oh, I, I do not know ... ah ah!"
"It would not be bad if you answered easily."
"Well, sorry, I am sorry, sorry, do it, forgive me, please forgive me, forgive me ... hi !?"
"Oh, that's good ... that reaction"
"Yeah !! Wow!! Ah!"
"Sorry to say it again?"
"Well, what ...!"
"I apologize, you are so cute."
"Wow ... Huh !?"
"If you apologize for it with watery eyes, you will want to forgive everything."
"Fu, hey!"
He hugs his waist and shoulder again and becomes entangled with my body.
While being deprived of his freedom on his arms, with his legs, meat piles, and belts ...
I feel his eyes ...
His desire is aimed ...
"I tried to attack me, I regret deeply"
Beaten the guts and uterus.
And they are hit stake many times.
"Ah, quit, do not go !! Wow!"
"Does it hurt?"
"Different, Oh, it's hard, it's too hard! It's cool! It's not comfortable! It's painful, it's strong, it's too strong!
"Do you understand what I said earlier?"
"Wow, I can not understand ... Ah, I was told something, promised ... oh, ah ah ah!"
"Show that face to another man"
"... Yes, yes, only, I will not show! I will not show you!"
"Do not show others crying"
"I will not show you, Oh, I will show it only to you !! Oh, dear, stop stopping, stop it !!"
"Just cry in front of me"
"Yes, please! Well! Only for you ... only to you, only because it's Ha!"
"Did you decide to attack me?"
"Ahh ... あ, あ れ, は は ... っ て, ん ん っ !!"
"... You judged by looking at my feet, if you can win me, you can lay it up."
"Ha ha, ah, yes ... yes !! It was shallow, it was ... I ... you despised, you ... !!"
"Then, there is a necessary apology?"
"Oh ... Ha ha, yes ... yes!"
"Sorry, you see, I say chitin"
"…I'm sorry…!"
"once again"
"Tell me more"
"Well ... sorry! I am sorry !! I was disappointed with you, sorry!"
"... Then, reward"
"I'll make you feel uncomfortable"
Come back.
Be fucked.
I tried to illuminate his pride, I was defiled by him.
"Aaaaaa ... !?"
"If you want me, obediently say so now"
"Ha ha, ah ... ... ah ...!"
"If you feel that way, you hold it many times, fortunately so it has not become impossible"
"Huh, Ah, ah, ha ha ...!"
"Good when hit in the back ... strongly entangled at the tip ..."
"Stop it, quit, stop it! Ah, dear, sweet bad!"
"You feel just this?"
"Oh, yeah! Ah, your hat, ha ha ha !!"
"It's a naughty child ... Is not it strong, because it has not been experienced?"
"Ha ha, ah ,,, me, I ... fighting, there is ...!?"
"If that's the case, it would be useless to accept my body as it is ... I already have it inside and I will not be happy here."
"Oh ... oh ... ah ... Ah!"
"You are a sweet boy, have not changed since long ago"
"Ok, oh, different ... I, Ah, Mr. !!"
"I am not good at spoofing. Originally you are a very spoiled child."
I was kissed.
I was hugely embraced.
At the same time the uterus was kissed with a pile.
"Aaaaaaaa ... !!"
"... as a woman ... is blooming"
His deep sigh and sigh.
"It was beautiful like this, are you?"
"Oh, yeah ... at least ..."
"Tell me when you make a mistake, I will not say to you anymore, I do not understand your happiness well, but you are very beautiful You are very beautiful."
"What ...!!"
"I want to embrace you thoroughly, I want you to cry and be pleased"
Gently rubbed in the back.
The tied arm can not move.
Open legs, struck meat piles.
There is nothing freedom of the body.
Sweet pleasure fuels embarrassment and attempts to open my womb ...
His flesh pierces me and makes me a woman "woman" ...
"Oh ... Ah ... ... Oh!"
"Your face that is muddy is also good again"
His face on his back.
Keep an eye on me.
I can not deflect it.
"If you care about that, seriously pretend to you, sometimes I will let you hold me, I want you to tell me the real intention you do not want to show"
It may be weak.
It is good if it is a person.
He taught me so he.
"My, weakness ... ... you, ha ha ..."
"If you want it, I will weigh you a few"
A black belt entangled with the arm.
"A little waist is difficult to move, but there are nothing to do with it"
"Ah ... ..."
"Now, more, go crazy"
He breaks my chest.
The back of the body is blamed.
Sweet stimulation from both breasts, strong stimuli reaching the uterus ... with the restraint of the arms belt, they get mixed up and go crazy ...!
"Ayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa "
"Amazing colleague ... the tightening and looks are amazing in the world"
"Do not look at me !! Do not look ... Oku, great amazing! ... It's amazing! It's strong, I have a chest ... My arms are too!"
"... You like to be amusing"
"Okay, what are you doing ... Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!"
"I like me ... because I am a benefactor?"
"Different! Wrong! I ... Huh, Oh, you, that's why ... Because you are !! Ah ... Oh Ah!"
"Yes, I am the same"
"Wha ...!"
"I like you who ampure"
It is terribly bad thing ...
You are being fucked with inferiority ...
Even though it is being done so terrible ...
I will forgive you because you are.
"Wow, I, now ..."
"I am doing something inevitable ... you, you, you ... this is such a terrible thing ... that is being done ...!"
"Did you miss seeing me?"
"No, it is wrong! It is wrong! Wow !?"
"It's too desperate,"
"Ahh ... I am holding you now ... It gets dirty ... I am overjoyed ... crazy ... bad things, doing!"
"... Let's do it bad more together"
"Go to a place where no one knows, just two people in the dark and kiss over and over again."
"Wha ... please!"
"Even if you can have a child, get married, forever, ... Let's be alone only two times"
"I will show you only to you, I will show you only to me ... let's secretly keep it secret"
I exchanged a kiss.
I am out of the belt of my arms, I am a little sad and reach for his shoulder.
My heart is numb in my undulating muscle.
He also wraps around this body and strikes the meat strongly and strongly.
My cheeks rubbed, my hair rubbed and my ears breathed in my ears.
His suffering breathing.
Try looking at his face, he lifts his face a little and looks at me over the thing.
His face distorted by agony.
Please look at me.
Yes, I felt like he was saying that.
I rubbed my body over and over again, I was hit by the uterus, but I still saw him.
A deeply kissed, still continuing, painful and sweet dirty torture ...
"Oh, ha ha ... Ga, gaerio, sama ...!"
"What ... What?"
"You, you ... I love you, now ...!"
"Until now, from now on, more ...!"
"... Giulietta"
"Wow !!"
"Always like this ..."
The power of the eyes becomes strong.
"Please become my thing"
Deep and deeply worn the uterus, the body trembled violently.
"Wow ............ !!!!!"
The body was hugged strongly, everything was trembling hotly.
The whole world is blazingly blazing and pure white, pleasant and sweetly numb.
He is also ejaculating in the womb, rubbing the bicubic and the mucosa.
Oh ... I am doing something very bad now ...!
If you know Rastal ...
If a child is made ...
A dirty woman who escapes to pleasure, if it is said that way ...
No, but even so surely he ...
"... If there is something, together ... rustal will get angry ..."
In breathing constantly, he says so and strokes my hair and kisses.
Sweat and bitter smile on the face.
His warm and big hand was wrapping my cheek.
... The next morning we changed the schedule and went to the nearby park in the afternoon.
The distance from each other is getting a little closer than before.
It was a sunny and hot weather day.
However, when you expose your skin you will see it variously ... I hide it.
Hide behind his neck, hide it with a collar and a tie.
Sitting on the bench next to him in the wheelchair, he reached out his hands and left him on his shoulder.
On his wide and big shoulders.
"I slept well yesterday for a long time"
"... Did you not dream?"
"No ... ..., ... ... It was a childhood dream"
"... ...."
"Almiria ... Why, sister too, I was playing together with our childhood guys ... who are children of the same generation"
It is weighted on the head, and it turns out that his head is being pulled.
"... exactly, I was playing like that"
The figure of children who can run in front of you.
"Because it's a dream, I understand it is impossible ... It was not a bad dream, McGillis was there, but it was a lot of fun."
"When I was a child, there was Karuta when McGillis was in, I was there the rest ... I was together with three people ... ... There are things I think if time goes back, but everything is in the past That's it. "
"... That is part of you too"
"...... I lost the past, I can not tell the future now" I think.
"... That's right."
"So do not deflect your eyes."
"Even now, the future ... you have many options left yet"
A warm feeling on the forehead.
... Are you kissing?
"Did you have a dream?"
"............ No, nothing."
"Hm, I see."
It is a lie.
I have been dreaming of continuing to embrace him forever ... I can not say it.
"Please stay with me this morning, so stay together"
Comb hair.
"In reality, there are lots of opportunities to dream a lot of times these days ... variously depressed, I did not think there would be such a thing."
"... ...."
"Are you disillusioned?"
"... There will not be a rocking translation at that number"
"Fuh ... Oh, that's right."
"I felt my destiny when I first talked with you"
"... What is ...?"
"It is true, I have spoken to the one I am isolating at Arianerod, I will be impressed, too?"
"...... Huh."
"Do not you remember?"
"No ... in that way ..."
"... What do you think of me?"
"... ... I said yesterday, many times"
"I want you to let me repeat it over and over again"
"... It is a precious man"
"A clumsy, selfish, secret and insensitive ... It is a dull and dirty adult"
"Hey, can you say that much?"
"Still I was attracted to you"
Fuwie and he turns his face.
... What do you mean by that?
"Do you like Gaelio?"
"I'm sorry ... I will not be shy if that is said again ..."
"... ... you said that you could say that?"
"... And promise, please do not forget it."
"Be happy, otherwise I can not take my eyes off you"
My head is stroked, my line of sight intersects.
In the corner of sight, shining blue butterflies are dancing.
"If you are staying next to me ... I will turn the front again and again"
His big blue eyes glared gently and gently.

GaeJuli fic translated by google...orz Pt1
gundam wing
「物憂うクラウディウス」/「黒沼」の小説 [pixiv] https://www.pixiv.net/novel/show.php?id=8138906


From when I felt the transience of him in the wheelchair.
My muscles on the shoulder also fell, my face was also thinned to some extent, and who is believing that he was that proud and beautiful pilot.
Connector of Azaya left at the neck.
Sometimes I look up at the sky vaguely, look at the palm and look at the sky again.
Sometimes I turn around around here, smiling and smiling face to face.
I have a mask of smile.
From the moment I thought it was to avoid seeing his smile.
I am very grateful to him.
Even now I respect him.
Still, he lost much of what I lost ... neither my friends nor his subordinates lost a friendly relationship with my family, the future is also closed and my legs do not move.
So why can you laugh?
Is not it impossible?
I repeated dialogue to see if there is anything I can do, assist me sometimes and push a wheelchair.
Because he is very tall, just pushing a wheelchair has plenty of power.
I also interfered with his parents' house.
His father laughs and it comes to marriage with his son Gaelio, which is unusual to bring a young woman.
He says to escape from a match.
Naturally ... because the world treats him as a "hero of tragedy".
McGillis Farido and Ein Dalton's presence can not be said to be a deeply persistent past in him.
Master and master of the coup.
Persons and brain parts suppliers.
Both businesses are too deep ... how much women are prepared to face seriously to him who swallow that past.
But my legs will not move.
You can not be an active pilot anymore.
The surroundings praise him, and at the same time I feel merciless.
Cheerless pity compassion is the hardest thing for him.
That's why I can not talk.
It can not be said that you do not have to endure.
Even his appearance surpassing the place with a dare smile is painful to see now.
Where is his happiness?
If he could hear his real intention at least, it would be somewhat powerful.
Still, if he stepped in excessively, he refused it with a smile.
When he was hospitable at his new residence ... Suddenly the manager's director's words passed.
"If you make a man a thing, it's all about coloring,"
A wedge (wedge) for stopping him on this bank.
I think that it is shallow.
Still to a friend or subordinate who died ... If I could stop him for a while at a battlefield, at the battlefield, with him being held prisoner.
"Does not it suit meals, mouth?"
He asks surprisingly.
It is not the case, every meal prepared by him is always delicious.
Enclose the same meal together, arrive at the table, and align your eyes.
"Or do you have no appetite?"
"No ... it's delicious, there are counterbalances"
"Has your condition been broken?"
"I do not mean that."
"Do you have trouble?"
I am about you.
However, I do not have the courage to speak.
Because I feel like I will decline his dignity again when I say this.
"If you have trouble, I'd like you to tell me, if I do not like it, I feel somewhat distracted"
"How about you?"
If somehow choosing words and asking, he will round eyes with Kyoto.
"How are you saying?"
"Do you have no trouble?"
Thinking that it was awhile, the words he said.
"I wish you were laughing"
It is not the case.
I want to know that your heart is Kichin.
Even the public, neither smile nor smile, should be related now.
"Is not my power insufficient?"
"I want to be your strength"
"... enough, you are helping me"
Also smiling.
That smile looks gentle but painful ... Is it my color glasses?
After finishing the meal, we drank together two bottles of champagne left.
He also taught me champagne to me who is not used to drinking.
"You like rose wine if you like it, after that is fruit beer"
He gives me knowledge.
It expands my world.
He guarded me when he was young with a strength.
New choices for a way of life.
I wandering around the universe.
In the figure of the deceased who was scattered on the battlefield, get lost and weakened heart.
He naturally leads us out to reach out.
Even now and a long time ago.
At least help with housekeeping, and wash dishes and aid some.
His help with stretching and.
Cleaning up the visible parts.
He will thank you with a smile each time.
"Thank you"
I wonder when it began to feel guilty for his gratitude.
I'm surely underwent similar to sin.
In himself useful, he himself is deceiving his helplessness.
"Do you want to stay over tonight, please use the shower first?"
There is a man who does not have a servant, and if one pair of men and women are together, they will associate and see them.
But the reality is not so.
Just to have a meal and a roof.
Because I am only one of his "convenient guests".
"... I will borrow it."
If you use this body, will you be able to peel off that empty smile?
I want to know your true intention, your pain.
I keep swallowing all the time, I want you to tell me your heart.
Take a shower.
Keep it more carefully than usual.
How does he think of this body?
I will abhor him as a dirty woman.
If you can move this stuck state even a little, whether despised or not ...
I feel like trying to repair him as he is.
That's why I can not take it, I can only step down.
Because I dislike myself helplessly in his figure that is painfully endured.
I want you to be more powerful.
It is because it is very uncomfortable just to receive the benefit.
Through the sleeper in the sleepwear, go out to the living room as usual.
"Welcome back, have you taken anything wrong?"
He is extending his legs on the floor.
Put a mat on the flooring ... approaching his legs with still dry hair.
"What's wrong?"
"... I will attack you from now on."
He straddles his legs and approaches his face with his knees standing.
"Giulietta ...?"
"Sorry, I may despise, but I do not want to just look at you anymore"
While looking down at his face, she caressed her cheek and kissed her.
It is a color scheme.
It's the worst.
I will attack him because his legs will not move.
His lips move for a while ...
Batten, and.
My body is returned to her back.
"Well ...?"
"Even this is fine, I'm training"
While perplexed in his shadow that covers sight.
... His figure disappears and his back turned.
Cover your mouth with your hands.
"... I want you to tell me what it means"
Did you get discouraged?
But, I feel a bit different.
I feel that his mind is not far away.
"The order is rough for you"
"... I want to know your true heart"
"What do you mean?"
"... Could you tell me the past pain you have?"
"... ...."
I turned over looking down at him.
"So for this?"
Eye that does not make you feel emotion.
Keep your eyes as it is.
"... sorry ... I'm going to take a shower ... ask me to clean up the mat"
He took the wheelchair as it was, returned to the room somewhat, and then disappeared with clothes change.
Lightly disinfect the spread mat and roll it against the wall.
... Can not you touch again?
That behind-the-scenes look.
Connector of Azaya attached to the neck.
In order for him to keep walking, he says that there is no choice but to live while crushing Ai Ya know and the brain parts of other people who can connect there.
However, he does not affirm such a way of living.
He and he other than Ein Dalton have no idea to fight.
So he drops muscle mass and is striving to raise the success rate of resection surgery of Azaya.
The operation schedule has not been decided.
I do not even know the success rate.
Even if it succeeds, I hear that there is a possibility that the paralysis remains except the legs and even the current life can not be maintained.
... McGillis robbed too much.
Both that beautiful fight, high stature, flesh that trained hard, the future as a pilot, the relationship with my family ... he let go of everything.
I wonder why it makes me laugh.
But still dead people are prisoners.
"... Matt, thank you"
When he noticed he was coming back.
Loose T - shirt and slacks ... riding a wheelchair with bare feet.
"Yeah, I do not understand anything, the meaning that you were saying"
He puts a glass and a bottle and pours something with Copacopo.
"I should not lie to you, I do not have a memory of secrets.Anin and McGillis are all you are talking about because you are talking so I'm going to talk about everything. I do not know ... I do not understand "
Karan and the sound of the ice rings and looks up on the rising table.
He usually does not drink it.
And the glass has another empty thing ... ice came in.
Drink an amber liquid with his mouth lifting his throat up and down.
"I was thinking that you were liked by you"
Stop trying to pour into the glass that still contains whiskey.
"But, that was before ... that's not the case."
It is seen as a fly, and her eyes are deflected.
"For you, who am I?"
"... It is a precious man"
The words that have been attached to my heart leak.
"Even your strength and straightness heart will thank you for bringing me outside and teaching the world, so I'd like to become a force so that even if you can not become your leg, at least you I want to be supportive of it. "
"You are too strong enough, it's powerful."
"It is such a lie, I will not pay it."
"Is true"
I am looking up at the blue eyes.
"Do not make such a face, I do not want to make you cry"
I reached out my hand to the cheek and I was pulling my body.
... The eyes are definitely wet.
"Sorry ... are you chasing me?"
"No, it is wrong, Kole is me ..."
"Wha ... yes"
"I am very saved, just because you stay" always. "
Also with that smile on your face.
"So I want you to stay as it is, I do not want to ask you any more."
"... Just laugh at me?"
"There is no need to forcefully laugh, I will make an effort so that you will smile"
"... Again, you laugh and devote himself to death!"
"... ...?"
"If you are struggling! You may be more crying! Why are you trying to live by hiding it!"
"Living apart from your family! Even the future of tomorrow is unknown! Why can you endure it! Is not it not only to escape !?"
"... ...."
Ice collides with Karan, and he drinks alcohol in front of him.
And then I put a glass and gaze to me ... I left the glass of the vacant one and the whiskey bottle toward here.
I am in the habit of knowing such a strong liquor, weak.
Still it was annoying, I wanted to devote something, I poured it.
Talk to your mouth, after all it is bitter, putting the glass in the table to stand up to go away, he tells the rest.
"After all I am a kid, you"
Children, I am.
"It's too late at night.
I will kiss you.
Also to tightly cover him, this time talking more firmly than before.
Bitter taste of alcohol.
His hand sitting in a wheelchair was turned around by my hips and legs ...
Well, and.
Also the field of view is reversed, but the kiss continues.
He is kissing me from the top.
I was grasped by him unconsciously.
His legs and hands are on his back, and this foot soles somehow attached to the flooring ... desperately turning his hands towards his back.
It is painful.
If it moves even a little, the balance will be broken and this will fall over.
It is strange that this is Abekobe.
"Hey, GiRietta"
His wet hair rubs.
"What are you misunderstanding?"
"... Misunderstanding?"
"Oh, I do not think we have engaged for a long time"
"Is this true of you?"
His blue eyes are distorted.
... Frown your eyebrows.
"... ... your smile is painful."
I am struggling and my chest is tightened.
"I understand that easy sympathy for you is an insult, but it still is hard for you to endure.I always laugh and I am getting thinner but I am just watching"
"... Is it because of my feet?"
"No, it is wrong, you can only do what I am seeing, even though your past and the current situation are not all the hardships of the general public ..."
"Oh, uh ... has not it arrived?"
"... ... your things,"
He was hugged and put on his knees sitting in the wheelchair.
Overlapping gaze.
At the same height.
"I am deeply grateful to you, I appreciate it so much, so I'd like to see your smile, which alone is enough for me."
"... such a small thing?"
"Not small, it's genuine"
"... ...?"
"You ... do you think there are real and fake goods happily?"
I can stroke my hair.
With a cloudy face.
While feeling guilty about his expression ... I am relieved somewhere in my heart.
"I think, I have ..."
"What is it?"
A thin man and a man in front of a smile again.
"Your smile looks like a mask"
His expression has settled.
"Are you always doing impossible, are not you laughing with force, are you pretending to be unfortunate and pretending to be deceiving around?"
"... then, what should I do?"
His tone mixes strength.
"You ask me who I am,"
Voice containing slightly anger.
"Please let me hear your true intention."
"You will always be speaking"
"Please give me a genuine not honest"
"You do not seem to be like a vicious hobby"
"Let me truly tell you"
"Is it really what you want"
"Yes, I want to know your heart"
"I do not know even if I get hurt."
"I do not care, I will bear it."
"Even if you soil your body so"
While feeling his "real intention" to the strength of arms that can be held.
A distorted face.
Sharp gaze.
... is this "true face" under the mask?
"If you can know your pain ... whatever may happen, I do not mind."
"... Even if you complain about Rastal, do not know"
"There is not such a relationship"
I sink my face on his shoulder.
"I and your problem"
He slides the wheelchair and the body shakes.
Originally a heavy-duty wheelchair, it's as simple as holding a woman ... I will cling to my neck desperately so as not to be shaken off from him.
Touch the connector of Azaya.
He shakes up and down slightly and arrives at his bedroom.
He was carried by him, and he was carried on a bed with a bosun.
"Mr. Gaelio!"
"Tsutsu ... no problem"
There is no problem without having fallen from the knee.
He climbs over the bed and covers over here.
A line of sight directed in the backlight with the light of the room behind.
"If you run away, you're in now."
"... I will not run away from you and your dark side ... I do not want to look away"
"... ... There are things I do not know for sure"
It is kissed.
The tongue is broken and beaten.
"Huh! ..."
Deep and deep, spoiled the back of the mouth.
Bitter taste spreading in the mouth.
His weight on both feet.
Forcibly grasped the jaw by hand.
Arms, body, strong and strongly hugged.
... You should have been much thinner than before.
"Ha ha ... ... Ah!"
"... I saw you as a woman once or twice."
I have been kissing from the neck to the clavicle.
"I thought that I still wanted to be a woman, holding a young man still in this hand."
Comb hair.
"Hair, stretched ..."
"... Huh ... um ..."
Bottom buttons, one by one removed.
"Every time your rumors spread, I was worried that you would not leave me, again and again"
Whispered in front of me, all the buttons are removed.
Wet hair and breathing on the cheek.
The smell of soap, the smell of sake, his smell, ... his body temperature.
Tremble on the width of his shoulder.
The body of a man different from myself.
"There is nobody anymore, no friends, subordinates, former families ... There is only you who looks at me as a" individual "without payment or accounts, passion, sympathy, so I want to cherish you I lost you I do not want it. "
He looks down a little bit and looks down here slowly.
"I thought that I could communicate, I thought that I could see my loneliness"
I am sure that loneliness is visible.
... My chest hurts at his expression distorted by agony.
I am exposed my chest, turn my eyes, hard and hard, close both eyes.
Push pressing force in the bed so as not to shake both hands as possible.
"Chest ... Small"
Noisy, I know.
"But it's a woman properly"
To be touched.
Covered in the big breasts and big breasts, left breast.
I treat my heart cautiously and I expect to expect again.
His essence is not strength, is not it a heart to consider others.
The empty right breast ... with a gentle tip gently included in the mouth.
"Hmm ... ...!"
"... ..., ... I wanted to have such a relationship with you, I was hoping over and over again."
Every time he utters a word, it breathes by stroking the skin.
The body trembles, it is tightened.
I can not move though my legs are outraged.
... The back of the body is sweet and painful.
"You have become so beautiful"
His voice can hit a little.
He also includes the tip of his chest in his mouth.
Sucked, chewed, licked ... sweet sweet continuous stimulation like gentle loosening.
"Wow, ...!"
"... you smell so good"
His jaw slips through my skin and I gently lick my shoulder.
The right breast is also relaxed, the eyes are kissed, and the smell of whiskey on the nose.
And suck the left breast.
"Wha ...,"
My body is hot.
Is it due to liquor, is he his fault?
Gishi, and the bed gets shabby.
"So soft and thin, you are ..."
A severely distressed voice caught him.
His blue big eyes, staring at the painful face.
"I was surprised that you were kissed, I was happy and hoped, but I was wrong, but now I hold you ... what is this?"
He fills his face in his chest.
"If there were not any things on the legs, I'm surely urging you."
I am hugged.
"But I could not find it unless it was so, so it's fate ... it can not be helped"
Both hair and face can be rubbed.
... I embraced his head with my hands.
"It's not fate or not"
"I thought I wanted to be your power ... It was me who was near you ... you guided me ... So it is my intention."
"... are you hugging me?"
"... I do not know what will happen in the future"
"I understand"
"... ... I love you, you too"
I was kissed.
It was deep, but it was not rough.
But something is clumsy ...
"Sorry, almost for the first time.
I can stroke my cheeks.
"It's strange ... I wanted you to depend on you more"
"... Could you please depend on me?"
"... ... For example, what?"
"I want you to show your tears"
I was touching his scars.
"I want you to show your weakness ... Because of that, I will not leave."
"... ... disillusioned"
"I do not care, I would like to know your true intention than being devased with a smile of lies."
"... Really, you are"
He was showing me a smile that looked like crying.
"I'm good at cursing me."
Kiss again and stroke each other's cheeks and hair.
He takes off his shirt and is also taken off and superimposes bare skin on top of each other.
... It is warm.
Because of the shower, sweat, damp skin will go out sucking.
There is no scar on his body.
Just with a scar in the head and part of the brain, it will not disappear.
In his invisible bruise scar, he has been torn feet.
Listening to the heartbeat, going up and down with breath, while checking the hugging body.
He still lives here like this.
"It was nice that you were alive"
While I was crying I said so.
"Even Ioku, a beard like beard ... lost at the battlefield and scattered, you still are still alive, even if there is no leg ... you are alive ..."
"... I am glad you said so."
"Listen to me that the revenge you said is the reason for thinking other people forever ... Who will protect your heart, that only I have not understood ..."
"Thanks to you"
"It's funny ... Such a missing ... what you lost is not cheap enough to be filled with me alone ...!"
"... Are you crying because of me?"
"No, this is ... I do not decide for myself ...!"
I was kissed deeply.
I was robbed of my tongue, mixed with saliva and rubbed my lips over and over again ... sometimes a bit of teeth hits, sometimes my nose strikes me again, but he asks for a kiss.
At the same time the naked body was also held strongly.
Be raped.
It is being sought.
He is made a "woman".
"I thought it different to get a young and future future you."
While tears are being licked by him.
"Even if your feet do not move, there are as many bones as you can. You can bind you asleep and hold you, you can also get hold of you, you can get intoxicated with alcohol and medicine, you can get it as it is I do not want to lose my last remaining girl I left behind. "
He also kissed me.
This time it is light.
"Hey, answer honestly ... Is this your sympathy for me?"
"... Do you think that we will bring out the body only for such a thing?"
"I do not understand, so I'm listening"
"I ... may be attracted to you"
"... I will do it"
"does not matter"
"... It will take shape in your future in the future"
"I know, already prepared for it."
I will kiss you again.
This time it's deep.
"Hmm, ... ...., Ha ha ..."
"... at least, confession or such ... did not you finish earlier?"
"Well ... you guys would not have said that for a long time ..."
"Is it so?"
"That's right"
Put the foreheads together and stack their cheeks.
"I wanted you to be laughing"
"It is only your ego"
"Are not you ignoring my intentions?"
"......, ... ... That's right,"
"That's right"
"... but will you become my lady?"
"... ... I can stay next to you, I bet it is about me ... because I am confident."
"Fu ..."
He laughed.
"I am familiar with the place to say so"
With a bitter smile.
"I felt it was" real "for now."
"Please show me more" you "
"... from when?"
"What kept on trying to maintain your relationship with you"
I am hugged.
... Hair and lips touched by ears, tickling.
"Wha ..."
"Does it hurt?"
"No, tickle it ..."
"... ... Huhu"

The ear is sweet bitten, and the neck is also sucked.
"When I met, I was still a child."
"Well, what is a child ..."
"It's a house I got married for my 9-year-old sister ... I do not know how far I should be serious."
You can put a face on the chest.
"... Recently it's ... McGrith's dream"
"... ... I remember the words of Hitsu in the present case"
Kissed near the clavicle.
"Whoa, you guys,"
"Is that the trouble, is that ...?"
"... ... I do not understand"
His hair is ticklish.
I was scared somewhere, touching my chest, but seeking his warmth.
I also embraced his head.
A soft hair and a connector of Azaya behind the neck.
He drops the light of the room.
"Please turn on"
"Do not hide your face ... please"
"... ...."
The room lights again.
It looks a bit dazzling, but his face looks chitin.
... Also cheek wounds.
When I scratch a scar, his expression becomes cloudy.
"Does it hurt?"
"No ... just a little, it seems to get stronger stimulation"
"Is not it a pain?"
"... I feel like resonating"
Take your hand and kiss the instep.
While slightly smiling.
"I am not disgusted"
"…Is that so"
"But, it is ticklish"
"... Ai is it?"
"It may be so"
I can stroke my chest.
Make it zawky.
"Fufen ..."
Kissed on the neck and rubbed her hair.
"Is this good here?"
"Please do not ask me!"
I was relentlessly licked my head, sometimes my hair and nose rubbed.
The body trembles.
Keeping your wrist restrained.
Kissed in the chest, bite lightly ... The tip of the chest is also sucked, the back hurts and floats.
"You became very beautiful"
"Oh, uh ..."
"It is around time for a talk about correspondence?"
"... I have, but ...!"
"Which man is weak and we can not talk ...!"
"... ... Huh?"
I was hooked.
A too sweet stimulus from the tip.
"Thank you, Mr.!"
"Cute, Julietta"
"Please stop, please ..."
"Such, pampering ..."
"I just thought that I was cute"
Kissed my cheek, I gently licked the corner of my eyes.
Fingered with my fingers and tongue in both my chests.
His hand reached his shoulders, his chest gets cranky in the sweaty man's muscles.
After all it is different from a woman 's me.
"Is not it too weak, is not it?"
"Difference, that one ... completely different ..."
"... How?"
"Because, you, ha ha ... easily do not throw out authority, power, ... ..."
"... It was Ain's power to fight."
"Still it is ..."
"Because I felt the strength to you who can not stick to revenge ...!"
I was smoked.
"Ah-huh ... um, ha ha! ..."
"... ... eventually nothing changed"
A hand slips into the lower body.
"A dead man will not come alive, I can not return a broken relationship"
"Still ...!"
"I am dead after all."
While rushing the bed strongly with ridicule.
"... I never thought that I was so frustrated that I could not walk by myself ... I thought at that time."
"... ..., ......"
The lower body is removed.
"Wha ..."
"Oh, it really became beautiful ... you are"
Kissed to the thighs, it is licked as it is to the toes.
"Huh, huh!"
"Beautiful legs"
"Oh, no ..."
"No scratches left on the belly, it was good"
I gently patted.
... The place at that time, once worn by Barbatos.
Like a love affair, be strongly kissed in the abdomen.
And both feet are opened.
"Oh, well ... ... Ahh!"
"... Is it embarrassing?"
"Oh, well, of course, I guess ...!"
"You were meant to attack me?"
"That's ... huh,"
"Even if my legs do not move, both physique and muscular strength ... the basics are better on me."
Kissed inside the thigh.
... The whole body trembles.
Politely, politely, touching his feet in his hands.
Feeling of a firm palm.
Sometimes softness of the lips and breathing and hair stroking the skin.
I am scared, uneasy, tickling.
It gets hotter from the back of the body.
... I am exposing the pubies to him.
"Whoa ... ..., Huh!"
"Good, your leg"
Wrapped in his arms, cheek-rubbed.
"After becoming a wheelchair, people are concerned about the legs of other people"
"Why ... ..., ... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"
"Because the line of sight got lower ... I see it as nature, others' feet"
Kissed to the inner thigh, it is strongly absorbed.
"Ah, wait! ..."
"Your feet were also anxious"
"Hm, huh!"
"It feels really good to touch"
It can be touched again and again.
I can cheek.
Trembling in the strength of his hand.
"I am firmer than my feet"
"Huh ...?, Huh ... !?"
"I'm sorry,"
"... ... please tell me ...."
Tears appeared.
"Your loneliness, pain, everything ... please ... Please tell me ...!"
"... ... you do not seem to be burdened"
"No, no ... even if I can not carry it ..."
"I want to know your" real intention "
I covered my eyes with my hands.
"I do not want you to tell a lie ...!"
Kissed on the foot, the body jumped.
His hand stroking his feet many times, the back of my body becomes dizzy.
"Ha ha, ..."
"There are many places that you can not move if you are a wheelchair."
"Yes, yes ... um ... Yes ..."
"It is hard to climb a slope, I was advised of electric things."
I hold my right foot.
"The foot is said to be the" second heart. "If you do not move it, you will lose your life in the worst case."
"In the worst case, there are a number of complications that can be accompanied by not moving the legs."
Something will get inside the womb.
"What !?" Oh !? "
"... for the first time?"
"Well, that's ... what, what's the meaning ...!"
"... Oh, yeah ... I guess so,"
"Wait ... what is this ...!?"
Something that was made into something goes into places you do not know.
The place where the body is the most painful ... approaching near that.
Sweat blows out and moves to escape the waist.
"Ya, stop it ... wait, please ... this ..."
"The response will be too good ... are you really the first time?"
"Yes, say, ... well, ohhhhhh?"
"Because I will get it, your virgin"
My fingers are pulled out, my breath strokes, his head approaches the genitals.
"Wait ... Wait ... wait ... Stop it, stop it! Do not do that! ... No, no! No, no, no, no, do not lick! Do not lick it. Do not lick! During ,,, do not come in! ___ ___ 0
Both feet trembling can be suppressed, and both hands cover the mouth many times.
The feet opened like a frog.
In his stubborn hands, the thighs were strongly suppressed.
In the pubic area he gets messed up, hitting his tongue like a dog or a cat.
Occasionally something warm as inside like a finger.
The body rebelliously, agitated sweetly, I feel his temperature.
I feel his tongue.
Pubes are pulsating many times, moving for his tongue.
However, it does not stop still.
Sweet heat is just sought, and neither the mind nor the body can be saved.
The waist floats, it floats.
My feet tremble arbitrarily.
"Oh, oh, oh! Oh ... ... then, wait ... wait, wait, wait! Ah ah!"
"Cute, that reaction"
"Ha Ha !!"
When licking the genitals repeatedly he will now speak out for excretion.
"Ah, oh ...!"
A sticky tongue licks the protrusion, sucks, toothbrush and stimulates it.
"♪ ~~~~~ ... ...!"

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